Seating Options

Sitting car options


A number of options are available for sitting accommodation.

For conference-style accommmodation, an open car with moveable seating can be provided, either as a stationary train at Canberra Railway Museum, or as part of a mobile conference. An alternative (pictured at right) provides comfortable open-style seating with tables.

Centre-aisle carriages provide a relatively open atmosphere with seating in groups of four on both sides of the aisle.

Three carriages of this type are available for a total seating capacity of 128 people. All three cars are fitted with tables and can be used for the serving of meals.

ARHS (ACT) also has a number of corridor cars (picture, left), with up to eight compartments per car, with each compartment sitting a maximum of 8 passengers.

We have four of these carriages which can seat between 200 and 250 passengers, depending upon whether the compartments are also to be used for dining.

Open space / dance floor


Open cars can be used for standing gatherings such as cocktail parties and also as a dance car. They can also be used for small conferences, briefings or training sessions.

This particular car is used regularly as a dance car on dinner / dance trains and on charters. It has facilities such as power for live bands, special lighting, etc.

Sleeping facilities

ARHS (ACT) has three types of sleeping cars available for charter – a heritage car built in 1926 (coded TAM), more modern cars (BAM) and modern (ex-Southern Aurora) stainless steel cars (twin-berth NAM and single-berth LAN).

TAM and BAM cars sleep two per compartment by night and seat two during the day. Each compartment has its own wash basin, and the toilet and shower facilities are at the end of the carriage and are shared. These carriages are not air-conditioned.

We have up to five of these cars in service at any one time, with a sleeping/sitting capacity of 20 passengers in the heritage TAM car and 14 passengers per BAM car.

NAM and LAN-type carriages are modern stainless-steel, air-conditioned carriages.

ARHS (ACT) has two NAM cars, sleeping or seating two passengers per compartment, 20 passengers per carriage. Each compartment has private ‘en suite’ shower and toilet facilities.

The two LAN-style carriages differ only in that each compartment sleeps/sits a single passenger. It has its own private toilet facilities and there are shared shower facilities at the end of each LAN car.

Rail motors

The Society operates two CPH rail motors, commonly known as ‘Tin Hares’. These are coded CPH 27 and CPH 37 and seat 36 passengers each. The rail motor shown is CPH 37.

A rail motor is self-propelled with a driver’s cab at each end. What makes a ride in a rail motor different is the speed at which they can travel, and the paroramic views which are possible due to the large windows both on the sides and also at the front and back of the rail car.

Due to the speed of travel and compactness of these cars, there are limited facilities for the serving of refreshments while the vehicle is moving. Each car has a single toilet. Rail motors can be operated separately or coupled together (however, when the cars are coupled together, passengers cannot move between the cars).

Bookings & inquiries

To make a booking or for more detailed information and costs, please contact our Tours Office – contacts details are at the top of this page.

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